About IWC

IWC has a wealth of industry experience in software development and has been providing innovative software solutions for customers for over 19 years.

Since established in 1996, IWC has provided exemplary services to clients across many different industries. Most other software development companies can't even claim to be in business for over 5 years. And, all of our programmers have advanced technical degrees and 8+ years' experience. IWC has never been bought out, merged, or otherwise combined with any other companies. Same management team since 1996!

IWC is a better solution than to outsource work to foreign companies.

Outsourcing your development project to India or Russia can lead to a multitude of problems: You will lose total control of your intellectual property rights and your work product will often be re-used and sometimes even sold to your competitors (be sure to ask us about this story!). All of the programmers and resources at IWC are working here in our office in Texas and nothing is outsourced. With IWC, you will own all the code and intellectual property rights, and you can even acquire the patents or trademarks on your software products if desired.

our advantages

The most experienced

IWC has been around far longer than most other software development companies, giving you the guarantee of reliable and experienced workers to create the best products.

We don't outsource your work

There are no concerns about the loss of control over your intellectual property rights since IWC doesn't outsource work to other companies.

Our consultants are experts in their field

Most of our software developers have a master's degree and 8+ years of relevant experience and are all full-time permanent employees with benefits.


Microsoft Corporation

As a leading supplier of business operating systems and software, the Microsoft technologies used by IWC represent the best the Internet has to offer in nearly every aspect of computing, from the Web to the Enterprise. Microsoft Internet solutions are the power behind many of the Web's leading and most profitable sites. IWC has chosen Microsoft software to run its servers and workstations for these reasons. IWC uses the full BackOffice suite of products (including Windows 2000/2003, SQL 2000/2005, IIS, .NET, etc.) to provide complete solutions to our clients. IWC is also a member of the Microsoft Partner Program.

Dell Computer Corporation

IWC uses Dell PowerEdge servers to power both the IWC Intranet and Extranet. As the world's leading direct computer manufacturer, Dell has a proven reputation in the industry for providing complete hardware solutions for businesses such as FedEx, the NASDAQ stock market, Shell Oil, Sprint Communications, and many others. IWC chose Dell hardware for the same reason as these top companies--Stability, Security, and Reliability.